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01 Apr




聖書のみことば Ⅰコリント10:31-11:1




私たちは一人ひとりに才能が与えられています。その才能を神の栄光のために用いるなら、人生に満足感と喜びをもたらしてくれます。 (Dennis Fisher)


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I read the above from Our Daily Bread on 2 March, and it was a lesson I took with me throughout the month of March.

Although I don’t have the riches and status comparable to my peers, which are also what society expects from me, I am so indifferent to it that it’s baffling to the uninitiated. I just have so much contentment and satisfaction resting on the Rock of my life. I had consciously chosen to slow down my pace of life to channel my time, energy and resources to what I value: God, family, friends and serving.

Yet over time, I had unconsciously allowed myself to be lazy and self-indulgent.

I may not hanker after luxury goods but I chase after the luxury of time.

I don’t drive around town in a racey car but I drive the freedom of schedules.

I don’t own priced properties but I have full reign over my hours.

Lest you think I’m not working at all and just wasting away my life, that I’m not. I do put in 200% in the work and life that I have.

But somehow I’ve allowed myself to fall into a trap of settling for less than God’s will in my life. I got complacent and comfortable, and stood still.

How do I know that?

I sometimes have this nagging sense that I’m not living my life completely and fully used by God. And sometimes caring folks around me would remind me that I should consider certain options. I’ve learnt that when more than one person voice out the same concern that I’ve been hearing within myself, I should sit up and seek God more seriously about the matter.

I know that I’ll only be truely satisfied and joyful when I am moving in God’s will. Whatever gifts He has granted to me, I want to use them to glorify Him, in wherever He’s calling me to.

With that conviction, I took a bold step to press the reset button, and it’s incredible how quickly God has been moving ever since.

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