Come and heal my right knee

06 Jul

Earlier this week, I felt a sore in my right knee. At first, I didn’t think much about it, but as the week went by, it became more and more painful. Then on Friday at 4am, I was awoken from my sleep by a sharp pain in my right knee. I sat up on my bed. I realised that it was hard to bend my right knee and I had trouble standing up.

I tried to recall how I might have injured my knee. The most recent memory of a similar excruciating pain in my right knee was from about a year ago. At that time, the pain finally went away after a friend gave me a 脱苦海 “tokuhon” (a Japanese medicated plaster for the relief of muscle aches and pain) to apply on the knee.

Well, maybe that could be the cure this time, too. That is, if I could find a “tokuhon” at 4am in this country.

Instead, I started praying. I prayed until I ran out of words and towards the end I just kept repeating the name of Jesus, and asked for Jesus to come and heal my knee. I prayed until I fell asleep.

An hour or so later, I woke up to get ready for work. I could still feel the pain in my right knee and I walked with some difficulty.

During my daily committed time of prayer, I continued to pray and believe in Jesus to heal me. At the end of an hour, I didn’t feel the pain anymore, just a stiffness that made my walk awkward. I felt that my right leg was a little longer than my left and I didn’t walk smoothly. However, there was no more pain in my right knee. Have I been healed?

I went through the rest of the day with a stiffness in the joint. Every flight of steps to climb was a challenge to my faith that I have been healed. Each time I had to bend my knees to sit down or to reach something low, I doubted if I have been healed.

As it was Friday, I contemplated buying a Tiger Balm plaster (probably the best tokuhon around here), just in case the pain in the knee returned to cripple me over the weekend. I also thought about going to the doctor to get a prescription.

The thoughts went through my mind. Then I told myself to stop thinking about how to heal myself. I am healed by the wounds Jesus bore for me on the cross, which was a promise written in the bible in Isaiah 53:5. I clung on to God’s word and believed that I have been healed.

During cell group time on Friday evening, I was paired to pray with a cell sister who shared that she had a pain in her shoulder joint for a while. I prayed and proclaimed that God would heal us. As I prayed, peace filled my heart and I knew that the healing was completed.

This morning, I woke up free from pain and stiffness in my right knee. I have been completely healed!

I didn’t have to use a tokuhon nor a Tiger Balm plaster.

I just had to call on the name of Jesus.

To add an icing to this miracle, the sermon this weekend was about Jesus touching us where it hurts. Whether the pain was in the mind, in the spirit or in the body, Jesus has the authority over it and He can remove it.

Jesus definitely touched my right knee when it hurted the most, and He took away the pain. He has authority over sicknesses.

Thank you, Jesus!

Praise the Lord, my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name. Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all his benefits—  who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases

~ Psalm 103:1-3 ~

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One response to “Come and heal my right knee

  1. Noel

    July 8, 2013 at 8:14 pm

    What a testimony! But I am so sorry to hear about your suffering due to the bad knee. Take care!!


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