Books read in March and April

25 Apr

1+1 = 3

How so? Well, when a goat and a unicorn come together there are 3 horns.

Let’s try another sum.

1+1 = 14

Did you get it right?

1 ant + 1 spider = 14 legs!

This is a colourfully illustrated picture book that teaches the basic mathematical concept of addition whilst engaging the children in some creative thinking.

E and his mother introduced this story collection to me some years ago. I remember him chanting the long dinosaur names from memory at 3 years old, whilst I had trouble telling Apatosaurus and Anchisaurus apart. When I chanced upon the audio book collection at a bookstore, I had to grab it for myself.

To my surprise, the audio book collection is also available at the NLB.


Follow Harry and his pet dinosaurs on their little adventures.

Peppa’s pet fish is unwell and she has to bring it to the vet.

The bus journey to the vet is full of fun, song and laughter.

There’s a new twist to the classic ‘The wheels on the bus’.

Join Peppa and her friends onboard their train journey.

Help them to spot a signal box, a tunnel and a boat.

There are two reading levels in the Peppa pig story series, boardbooks (above) for the young readers and paperbacks (below) for the slightly older readers.

The boys play football against the girls.

Which team do you think will win?

You’ll get to discuss the rules on how to score a goal in football.

Pitched at a higher level of comprehension than the boardbooks, this paperback book discusses social themes such as negotiation at the playground and feelings of being left out.

All books were borrowed from the NLB libraries.

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