Go M.A.D

05 Jun

After closely following the tsunami news telecasts online in the comfort of my home for 2 weeks daily after the March 11 disaster, I felt very strongly that I had to do something.

Yes, I could pray.

Yes, I could donate money towards the cause of the Japan disaster.

Yes, I could practise self-restraint 自粛 ‘ji shuku’, which many Japanese I spoke to, were doing. For example, the Tokyo government raised a call for the people to avoid holding hanami parties and many Japanese didn’t indulge in themselves extravagantly. It was their way to remember and support their fellow countrymen who were affected by the tsunami in the Tohoku area.

But having done all the above, I felt compelled to do more. I had to go to Tohoku.

There were safety issues due to the radiation from the Fukushima Nuclear Plant in the air, water and food, and the aftershocks that were continuing. Despite these fears, I wanted to go.

From the news, I saw the vastness of the damage and the staggering number of households and lives that were affected, and I couldn’t help but feel that I was too small and weak to make any difference. What could I possibly do to help? Nevertheless, I followed my heart and went.

The team was made up of mostly individuals who hardly knew one another before the trip. Yet, when we touched down in Japan, the bonding was amazing. We served with one heart in Christ, for the Japanese people who needed our help.

During one of the Sunday services, SP assured the Love Japan teams that every family and life we touched in Japan, mattered to God. Though we might have only helped one household on any one day of the trip, to that family, it meant everything. It made a difference.



Jesus said to His followers, “You are the salt of the earth… You are the light of the world” ~ Matthew 5:13-14

He is saying, “You are my salt and light, so Go Make A Difference for me while you’re on this earth.”

Go M.A.D. for Jesus.

LJP teams ganbare!

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