Books about love in February

01 Mar

A book about the bond and love between a parent and a child.

It showed a father bear and his baby bear spending a day together, from the time they woke up, had breakfast, went exploring outdoors, took a bath, had dinner, read a bedtime story, and finally to bedtime.

The rhythmic words were in the voice of the father bear to his son, expressing what he had given and had received from his young one.

“I am your way home; you are my new path.”


“Today is Valentine’s Day! Tucker’s owner tells him that Valentine’s Day is all about love.”

In Tucker’s world, there were many things he loved. But Cupid had other ideas and was determined to make Tucker fall in love.

It was hard work for Cupid chasing after Tucker and aiming love arrows at him. At one point, Cupid had to “take a little doggie nap” with Tucker.


The message from this book is that “love is everywhere” and you just have to take the time to look and find it.

It’s a simple plot of a child’s time with her family to the park, the zoo, the beach, and Grandma’s farm.

On each page are hidden hearts – a total of 75 in the book.

Great for counting!


All books were borrowed from the NLB libraries.


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