2 years later…

11 Apr

Extracted from my reflection of April 2011 volunteer trip: Before the trip, we prepared two Chinese songs 云上太阳  “yun shang tai yang” and 我的帮助 “wo de bang zu” and one Japanese song  一番 “ichiban” (The best). Indeed, throughout the 5 days, God was truely our sun above the clouds and our BEST helper (Psalm 121).

The morning group devotion time filled and recharged our spirits daily. There was so much joy and laughter amidst the hard labour and seemingly mundane chores we did every day. Our light-hearted spirit brought much cheer to the Japanese people we helped too. As we had fellowship with them and met their physical needs, they opened themselves to us and shared some of their deeper needs. By God’s grace, we were able to pray for and minister to each of them personally.

We saw two rainbows during the trip, one on the first day and another on the last day. I felt that it was like God wrapping us up in the rainbow (His promises) throughout the trip. The one on the last day was a full arch over the church we stayed in.

A month after returning from the LJP trip, whilst walking towards a bus stop along busy Orchard Road, I heard the melody of 云上太阳 in my head(?) but the words were in Japanese. God gave me Japanese lyrics to the song!

I was so excited that the minute I boarded the bus and sat down, I hurriedly scribbled down the lyrics before they could escape me:

どこに住んでも doko ni sundemo
きれいな山 kirei na yama
暗い幽谷に横たわる kurai yuukokuni yokotawaru
空に向かって sora ni mukatte
きっと分かる kitto wakaru
主はすでに備えた shu ha sudeni sonaeta
雲の上に kumo no ue ni
主は変わらない shu ha kawaranai
時に雨が降るけど toki ni ame ga furu kedo
雲の上に kumo no ue ni
主は変わらない shu ha kawaranai
永遠に変わらない eien ni kawaranai

Since then, I’ve been greatly blessed by this worship. I brought it in my heart to another continent and it kept me focused on God’s promises and helped me to remember His faithfulness. I was also honoured to be able to share it with a special group of young people there and to share about the volunteer trip experience.

And another year passed before I could return to serve in Japan. Twice to be exact.

As J and I prepared for our trip at the end of 2012, we felt we should bring the same worship song, this time in Japanese, back to Japan. We were touched the first time we rehearsed in public and we could feel the strong presence of God with us. As we took the unexpected journey together to Tohoku again, we eagerly awaited the chance to bring the worship to the people.

As always, God surprised us and met us at such precious moments intimately. I believe the places we worshipped and the people who heard the worship were blessed by His presence and love.

More importantly, I have been truely humbled and blessed in these two years.

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