09 Jun

The cars the team rented were Toyota’s Noahs. It was exciting news for the team, as God made a special covenant with Noah in the bible.

God confirmed that same promise with us through our first rainbow sighting on the first day during our drive from Tokyo to Kurihara.

Look carefully and you'll spot the rainbow!

Every day, we packed ourselves into our Noah’s arks to get to the towns of people who called us for assistance.

On the last morning in Kurihara, I woke up early to catch the sunrise again.

It was the same sun and at the same place, yet it was different from what I saw the other morning.

The church sign reads "Jesus Christ Kurihara Bible Baptist Church". It is definitely the church of Jesus Christ.

The other side reads, God is love.

And I saw God's heart peeping through a tree.

I received His love and thanked Him for raising the sun beautifully yet again. As the chilly cold wind was blowing hard that morning, I started to head back to the church.

Then I felt tiny raindrops falling on my face, and something made me look up at the sky behind the church building.

I squealed in excitement at what I saw.

God had planned more than a sunrise for me!

He gave me a delightful surprise – a full rainbow arching over Kurihara Baptist Church!

Despite the extremely strong and chilly cold wind that morning, I felt warm standing under the rainbow.

I enjoyed the Lord’s awesome presence immensely.

J-さん and H-さん, it was a spectacular sight, wasn’t it?

I counted my blessings throughout this trip and thanked Him for the work He has begun in Japan.

I claimed His promises for me, and for the people in Japan that He will rebuild the brokenness in their lives.

If this trip was a present from God to each of us on the team, it was one bundled from the beginning to the end with colourful strings from the rainbow. He filled the present with His love, hope, joy and peace.

I’m carrying this precious gift with me to the next destination.

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One response to “彩虹下的约定

  1. Siyuan Karen Chen

    July 15, 2011 at 9:57 pm

    SO awesome to see God’s amazing work in Japan and on his people! I always picture that Japanese sing praise to God in heaven with all nations~ how wonderful! That rainbow is absolutely special, so meaningful, my dear sister! Thank you for your great passion and heart for Japan! May God’s good work continue on you till the end of days as promises in the Bible! Love you and Miss you~ —- Karen ^^


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