Faithfulness of God

16 May

There was absolute silence in the car when we first entered the worst hit tsunami town of Kesennuma, Minami-sanriku.

We were driving through a familiar scene that had been on the TV news since the disaster happened in March.

However, just like watching the TV news on the evening of 11 March 2011, it still felt surreal, despite being there in person, in the middle of the tsunami wrecked town.

The place looked more like a movie set than reality. The coastal line was left bare except for a few buildings that had withstood the devastating waves. It seemed that nothing man-made nor natural had a chance to overcome the waters on that fateful afternoon.

I asked myself, is God here in this barren, lifeless and destroyed land?

YES! The Psalmist reassured us that there is no place in the world that we can run to where God’s love and faithfulness will not meet us (Psalm 36).

God is committed to love His people in Japan.

He sent us.

He sent many others who don’t speak the Japanese language, but who want to help Japan to stand up from where she had fallen.

During the trip, we proclaimed God’s faithfulness in our lives and the lives of those we met daily with the song  云上太阳  “The Sun above the Clouds” by 赞美之泉 

无论是住在美丽的高山  Whether you live in the beautiful mountains

或是躺卧在阴暗的幽谷  or lie in the dark and evil valleys

当你抬起头  when you lift up your head

你将会发现  you’ll realise

主已为你我而预备  the Lord has prepared for you and me

云上太阳    它总不改变  Like the sun above the clouds that never changes 

虽然小雨洒在脸上  Although the rain may fall on your face

云上太阳    它总不改变 Like the sun above the clouds that never changes

哈啊    祂不改变 God doesn’t change

When the problems in our lives seemed too heavy and pressed us down, if only we look up, we’ll see God looking down from the heavens and smiling, “My child, I am always here, everything will be alright.”

I pray that more Christians will volunteer in Japan, and show more of God’s unchanging and unconditional love to the Japanese.

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