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Lost and Found

On Tuesday, I couldn’t find an important document that I needed urgently for a submission.

I was so sure I kept it safely at work but it wasn’t where I looked. So I thought it should be at home together with all the other important documents. To my distress, I searched all night but the document didn’t show up 😦

I really needed to submit the document before a deadline that’s just around the corner. I went to bed exhausted and felt a sense of bleakness.

The next morning, I desperately needed to pray for a miracle. Before I left home for work, I messaged a friend my prayer request.

I was travelling on the mrt when I heard a message alert on my mobile phone. Due to the peak-hour crowd in the mrt, I couldn’t look at my mobile phone. However, immediately after I heard the message alert, God showed me exactly where to look for the document in my office.

After I got off the mrt, I checked my mobile phone. It was really a prayer message that had come through from my friend onto my mobile phone. I walked to my office with great anticipation.

When I stepped into the office, I held my breath as I looked in that exact spot that God showed me earlier. And the ‘lost’ document was really there! The bonus was, another document which I should submit was in the same folder too!

The documents were in the specific paper folder and specific drawer that God showed me on the mrt when my friend and I prayed!

Praise the Lord!
All glory to Him in the highest! 🙂

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