Favourite reads in October

01 Nov

It is interesting that children as young as 3 years old have a concept of what real animals should look like.

The comments from the children about the new mixed up animals included “it’s ugly”, “it can’t move properly”, “it’s wrong”, and “what food will it eat?”.

Nevertheless, it was an imaginative book to read with syllable word play to conjure up new names for the new creatures.

Quiz: Squirrel + Whale = ?

Hint: Flamingo + Monkey = Flamonkey


I picked up this book out of curiosity about the character Moomin and its author.

I had first watched Moomin’s animation in Japanese. Although the animation production was Japanese, the Moonmin character is not a Japanese classic. The author, Tove Jansson, is Finnish and she was a great artist in her own rights beyond being the creator of the Moomin character.

The book above was the effort of British children’s publisher Puffin.

I’m impressed by how much history, depth, work and joint efforts there were behind the publication of a picture book.


Finders keepers?

“it’s not your crayon, it’s mine. I found it.”

Resolving conflict:

“Can I have my green crayon back now?… The Moon Kangaroo looked sad, and Milo felt mean because he knew how much she liked to doodle. Then he had an idea! “You can have my pink crayon instead” The Moon Kangaroo bounced with happiness. Pink was her favourite colour!”


All books were borrowed from the NLB libraries.


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