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02 Oct


It’s always nice to have a friend to do things with.

One leads and another follows.

At times, there may be a reversal of roles.

It takes trust and love for both to enjoy the friendship.


Some simple, yet reassuring, words which Mummy Rabbit said to Bella, and which Bella used with her friend, and on herself:

“You’re a good learner.”

“Yes you can, if you keep trying.”


Friends can have lots of fun, even when they’re playing pranks on each other.


Angelo and his family of acrobats adopted a girl and they travelled and performed all over Italy. Theirs is a family that worked and played together.


After Topsy had a fun time visiting her brother Tim in the hospital… “On the way home, Topsy told Mummy she has a pain – but she was not sure where it was. Mummy did not believe her. ‘I want to go to hospital too,’ said Topsy.


This bear was full of love for everything, even what it should instinctively attack.

It was easy for it to love when things were peaceful.

The real challenge was, when what it loved was at risk of being hurt by another.

In a fit of anger, it nearly forgot about love.

Yet, it chose to show love, and love brought with it unexpected results.



All books were borrowed from the NLB libraries.


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