Healthy eating

04 Aug

You are what you eat.

So, if you eat healthily, it’s good for your body.

Many people know that they should eat healthily. Yet, not many of them do it.


From my experience of sharing healthy food with my mother, I’ve learnt that it’s about choices and mindsets.

Firstly, I have to decide to eat healthily, even while I’m healthy.

I have to consciously make the choice to eat healthily. My conviction has to be strong and consistent. Once I’ve decided that I want to take care of my health, I’ve to do all that I can, to achieve the goal. In my mother’s case, a bad medical report alerted us to be more serious about her diet, and it sealed the decision for her.

Secondly, I have to change my mindset about what is healthy eating.

This is what, I find, takes longer to get through to most people. Most people have had bad experiences with “healthy food”. Or perhaps in their minds, they conjured up images of raw vegetables, wheat grass and coarse brown rice. In their minds, if something is healthy then it is bland and unpalatable.  And this cannot be further away from the truth.

Being a foodie, I refuse to waste calories on awful food. In fact, healthy eating can be a gastronomic delight, with little effort and little expenses.

It has taken me 3 years of fuss-free cooking of  ‘healthy’ food in the kitchen to get this point across to my mother. Thankfully, she’s now fully converted that healthy food can be delicious food.

Today, ‘healthy’ food is ‘normal’ food to her. She has developed a tastebud and an appreciation for eating food for their original freshness rather than overcooking and overseasoning them. Yes, all the excessive seasoning and grease actually ruin our tastebuds and bodies!

One of the organic lady's fingers from my vegetable patch.

Our fridge is now stocked with fresh ingredients, where there used to be leftover food that would be ‘recycled’ (refried or recooked in a new sauce) into a ‘new’ dish the next day.

Together, we enjoy finding tasty ways to cook fresh seasonal produce and we explore healthier ways to prepare our favourite ingredients.

Recently, I’m proud that my mother can distinguish how fresh homemade bread tastes, as compared to store bought ones, and for that, I’m willing to bake her fresh bread regularly.

A homemade milk loaf


Of  course, this is going to the luxurious extreme of healthy eating. But I don’t mind indulging her, especially since her medical report looks good now.

Freshly baked walnut buns




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