金子みすゞ’s museum

05 May

I have not heard of 金子みすゞ (Kaneko Misuzu) before the visit to her museum.

Fu-san, on the other hand, was really excited about the visit.

She related that Kaneko Misuzu wrote very beautiful poems for children. Each poem zoomed in on a small detail and the readers get transported into that miniature world.

Fu-san went on to recite one of Kaneko Misuzu’s poem.

By the time we reached the museum, I was curious to read more of Misuzu’s poems.

The building of the museum was where Misuzu had lived. It was restored to as close to the original as possible.

Much thought was given to make Misuzu’s poems come alive. Her poems were engraved on pieces of wood and placed next to the very objects in her home that had inspired the writing.

A freshwater well in Misuzu's home that inspired a poem

There were also interactive corners that allowed Misuzu’s poems to be enjoyed in different medium.

As I stepped closer to a wall to read a poem, a spotlight came on and fish ‘swam across’ the words of a poem about ‘Springtime for the fish’.

In another corner, there was a wooden chair in front of a wall. As I sat down on the chair, an audio recording of a child’s voice reciting a poem started playing. I was mesmerized by the poetry reading.

It was also intriguing to see Misuzu’s poem ‘written’ onto Fu-san’s palms.

I like one of the poems entitled A cloud:

私は雲になりたいな。 I want to be a cloud.

ふわりふわりと         Fluffy, fluffy
青空の果てから果を   From the far end of the blue sky
みんなみて、           trying out everything.
夜はお月さんと鬼ごっこ。 In the night, I’ll play tag with Mrs Moon.

それも飽きたら  If I get bored even with that,
雨になり             I will change into the rain.
雷さんを供につれ、 Along with Mr Thunder,
おうちの池へとびおりる。 I’ll jump and fall into the pond in your house. 


You can enjoy a collection of Kaneko Misuzu’s poems, alongside watercolour paintings by Ozaki Shingo, on this website


A collection of her poems had been translated into English and published in Rainbows on eyelashes.


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