A walk with a dear friend

02 May

Y-chan’s house faces one of my favourite views of all time, that of sky, mountains, rice fields and a train track.

I told her that I often dream of that scenery behind her house.

To which Y-chan responded that she sees the same scene everyday, all of her life, so it’s mundane to her. She went on to share about the nasty adventures with snakes in the fields that she had encountered when she walked her dogs in summers, and the bitter cold winds blowing in her face in winters. We laughed.

I guess there are always different perspectives to the same matter.

On this beautiful day, Y-chan wanted to show me the sunset. I was thrilled as I have not seen a sunset behind her house before.

We put on a warm coat and started out on our walk.

We crossed the train track behind her house and walked past some vegetable patches, some belonging to Y-chan’s grandmother and others to their neighbours.

Strawberry flowers


Yummy strawberries in progress


We chatted as we headed down the road, towards the setting sun.


We greeted people out on their evening walks.


We met Y-chan’s father’s friend and chatted for a bit.


Y-chan found a 4ーleafed clover.


We spotted Y-chan’s father’s boat, docked beside a river.


Finally, we shared a beautiful sunset moment together.


Y-chan, thank you for showing me the beauty in your daily life.

I look forward to our next walk together.

毎日の美しい景色を忘れないでね~ またね。。。




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2 responses to “A walk with a dear friend

  1. Ivan Chew

    May 18, 2010 at 10:42 pm

    One person’s mundane-ness is another’s wonderment.

    • tabehodai

      May 18, 2010 at 11:53 pm

      I’m also learning to see the joy and beauty in the little day-to-day things.


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