Protection from fire and flood

01 May

Often, we take our personal safety for granted.

I met up with I-san and his wife recently and they were as cheery as I last met them several years ago. I couldn’t tell that they had a close shave experience a few months ago.

I-san and his wife didn’t mention the incident at all until I was leaving and standing outside their gate. I noticed that their neighbour’s house looked different from several years ago. I asked if a new neighbour had moved in. It was only then that I-san’s wife related what had happened to their neighbour’s house.

It was a cold windy winter day and both I-san and his wife were indoors. The windows and doors of their house were shut tightly to keep the interior warm.

They were unaware of the commotion going on in the street outside their house until they heard the doorbell rang impatiently by someone. They were shocked when a voice on the intercom shouted frantically for them to leave their house immediately as there was a fire next door!

I-san and his wife dashed out of their house and saw smoke engulfing their garden. By then, several fire engines had arrived and the firefighters were busy putting out the fire in the house next to I-san’s.

They must have been the last to leave their house in the neighbourhood.

Their neighbour’s house was unfortunately burnt down, although the neighbour managed to escape and suffered only minor injuries.

Except for a scare, I-san and his wife were untouched by the fire.

It’s truely amazing that I-san’s house was safe, considering that I-san’s house and his neighbour’s were in such close proximity. The Lord’s protection was indeed upon I-san and his wife. Praise the Lord!

I’ve had my share of close shaves.

I often remind myself that just being alive and breathing now, is in itself, a grace from God.

I was protected from a flood in 2006 .

Looking back, I realised that at that time, there wasn’t a second when I had felt any panic or uneasiness.

I was peaceful in the few days I spent ‘homeless’.

I had extremely kind friends who took me into their homes.

I had a roof over my head. I had clean sheets. I had warm baths. I had heartwarming meals with my friends’ families. I even attended my friend’s mother’s birthday party.

I wasn’t one of the refugees as shown on the news, camping out at evacuation centres, sleeping on the cold and hard floor, and uncertain about the next day.

When the Mayor declared that the city was in a state of emergency, most people were disheartened. It didn’t help that the news repeatedly showed gloomy images of the flood condition around the city, particularly that of the tiny island  gradually ‘sinking’ into the middle of the lake. This was exactly what I could see from the window of the office.

Nevertheless, I continued to pray for the safety of my apartment and of the city.

On the third morning, since I was ‘flooded out’ of my apartment, I awoke to see a cloud in the shape of a heart in the sky. I felt that I would return to my apartment that day.

Indeed, when I went to my office, my supervisor informed me that I could try to get into my apartment and he handed me a pair of paddington boots.

I reached my apartment building to find the landlady busy cleaning the flooded units on the ground floor. The doors of units 101-106 were opened. Mine was 107.

I stood outside my door and it felt surreal when I opened the door to my apartment.

My apartment was the same as I had left it a few days before.

It was dry!

The floodwaters had missed my unit!

My unit was oddly one step higher than the others on the ground floor and I was saved by the step!

There I was, right inside a disaster zone, but there was a protective shield around me. Even before any fear or uncertainty could hit me, God had planned for my evacuation.

Just as I was awed back then, I-san and his wife were also awed by His amazing hands upon their property and their lives.



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