Perhaps I’m nibbling on PH’s macarons right now

20 Apr

I was reminded that I had written another guest post on a dear friend’s blog.

So, I’m dreaming of macarons… all over again!

This is the same post with updated links.

I first learnt about macarons from this flog entry. I was making a trip to Tokyo not long after CH’s entry, hence I was excited to try my first macaron (or macaroon).

Armed with only an address in hand and without a map whatsoever, I embarked on my little macaron adventure.

Pierre Herme’s Shop in Aoyama, Tokyo, had only opened a few months before I stepped in.

As I entered the shop, I felt like a child in a giant candy factory. At the same time, I also felt like a lady in an elegant jewellery boutique picking a diamond.

The design and layout of the shop was sophisticated, yet simple. The interior designer had obviously taken extra care not to take the spotlight away from the items selling in the shop. Every piece of chocolate, macaron and other items was displayed in glass showcases.

Each of them was a masterpiece. Staring at the tempting selections, I had trouble deciding on which macarons to buy on that first trip.

Today, one year and two months later, I received a special package from Tokyo.

A friend was in Tokyo and she went to Pierre Herme’s. She remembered that I had raved about Pierre Herme’s macarons and she mailed some to me!

The macarons she picked for me were Eglantine et Marron, Pistache, Earl Grey, Americano Pamplemousse, Chocolat and Citron.

Each mini macaron bursted with flavours in my mouth with every bite.

They were as I had remembered them, very sweet and yet very addictive!


Indulge in macaron luxury through these photos.

Where to find Pierre Herme’s macarons:
In Japan and France

I think that your best macaron bet in Singapore is at Canele Patisserie Chocolaterie *mouse over each macaron

Or, if you want to make some macarons in your own kitchen, read these wonderfully detailed flog entries first!

The above post first appeared on My Muzingz’s blog

I wish that she’ll find some time to blog soon.


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