Flying back to Cup Noodles Land

17 Apr

My favourite instant noodles back home is Mi-Goreng. No, it’s not Indomie Mi-goreng, but another brand that I cannot remember. I can’t ID it now as I’ve ran out of it. Mental note to self: stock up the next time I’m home.

I also like Mama Brand’s Shrimp Tom Yam Flavoured Instant Noodles. Alas, I can’t find these two types of instant noodles in the land that invented instant noodles.

Even Nissin Curry Cup Noodles wasn’t what I had expected. It was Japanese curry, and not hot curry! What was I thinking?!

When I need my spicy instant noodles kick, the best that I can find is Korean Instant Noodles, which by the way, is what many eateries in Korea use. I saw boxes of them in Korean eateries.

Instant NoodlesBack to Japan: Cup Noodles is a type of instant-noodle/ ramen snack in a styrofoam or hard plastic cup. According to Wikipedia, cup noodles was invented in 1971 by a Japanese food company, Nissin (more about the man who invented cup noodles).

The cooking time varies but it is usually around 3 minutes. Better results are yielded when boiling water is added to the Cup Noodles, instead of adding cold water to the Cup Noodles followed by cooking in the microwave.

I tried the latter just to check the validity of information on Wikipedia. In this instance, I should have trusted Wikipedia. My Cheese-Curry Cup Noodles was not chewy and the cheese bits were spongy.

Anyhow, in this homeland of Cup Noodles, my favourite “Mi-Goreng” comes in the form of Japanese Fried Noodles (Yakisoba). Although it is not spicy, it is as tasty as Mi-Goreng and best of all, I love the easy and fuss-free “cooking”. Also, it’s really tasty for a cheap meal.

And if you think cooking noodles in 3 minutes undermines your ability, watch this video (6mins 30secs).

If you are crazy about ramen and want to know more, check out the ramen links on Mari’s blog

The above was first posted on Rambling Librarian’s blog.

Special mention is due to Rambling Librarian for his efforts in easing me into blogging.

His latest advice to me is, “Just blog what you’re passionate about, blog consistently (not necessarily frequently, but consistency is the key). And just be yourself. Again, just enjoy the freedom to blog responsibly.”

Thank you, Rambling Librarian. I will do my best and let God do the rest.

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. ~ Philippians 4:13


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    April 27, 2010 at 1:48 pm

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