13 Apr

I give thanks to the Lord for His provisions in my life.

Today, His provisions have, once again, exceeded what I had asked for, and what I had thought possible.

Just as Jars of Clay sang in their song The Eleventh Hour, the Lord’s help always comes through for me. I have a direct SOS phone line to God and all I have to do, is to call on His name to rescue me from my trials.

When I press on, in prayers, I don’t have to hang on to the edge of a cliff by my own strength.

I’ve paraphrased the lyrics of the song as my prayer for today:

Dear Heavenly Father,

thank you, once again, for your overflowing provisions.

Forgive me for the days and nights that
it took me to realise that you’re just a call away.

Teach me not to give up on giving you
the chance to blow my mind.

When trials come, let the eleventh hour quickly pass me by.
I know that I’ll find you when I think I’m out of time.

I claim the promise that your strength
is my strength all the days of my life.

Trace the shape of my heart,
’til it becomes more familiar to your eyes.

Take the place of my heart,
’til I become a stranger to my life.

Mould me, so that in time,
I will be what you’re thinking of.

In Jesus Christ’s most precious name,
I pray.


Your strength will equal your days. Deuteronomy 33:25

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