I am loved and so I can sing!

01 Apr

Gone were the days when I spent hours on the phone chatting with my friends. But sometimes all it takes is a few text messages to communicate our concern for one another.  Besides, we all can use some words of encouragement to tide us through the storms in life.

Text messages with A this morning.
A: How have you been?
Me: I’m the same happy kid.
A: The world will be a happier place if there’s just one happy person.
Me: It’s easy cos’ I have a happy God! No matter what happens, I know that He is with me and everything is under His control. I pray that you’ll have that love and assurance too.

Although it appeared that I had encouraged A, I was deeply encouraged too. In the afternoon, I heard a song by Chris Tomlin for the second time. It echoed the essence of the text message I had sent to A and I know that God is using the song to seal that love and joy in me, deeper than ever before.

I know I am loved by the King
And it makes my heart want to sing

Enjoy this beautiful song!

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