TGIF: How to have a good and happy life

26 Mar

Have you ever pondered over the meaning of life? Why are you here on this earth? What’s your identity? Why are you in this job? What makes you happy? What makes your life good?

Rick Warren is the author of the book “The Purpose Driven Life” which sold over 30 million copies. If you’ve not read his book yet, here’s a video that shows a glimpse of his world view about life. In his talk with, he spoke about how much fame and money came as a result of his book and how he gave them all away. He realised that it’s not about him.

If you’d like to learn more about how Christians view life, you’re welcome to a Good Friday party, where you’ll enjoy a buffet lunch, followed by a Chinese video watching.

Date: 2 April 2010, Good Friday
Venue: 102A East Coast Road
Time: 12-3pm

If you’re planning to come, please email me. You’re most welcome to bring your family and friends along too!

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