Chasing rainbows

11 Mar

Whenever I see something spectacular in nature, I think of the One who made it. The God who created the universe is the same one who created you and me, and is the one who continues to create all the sights in nature that we now see around us.

I really love to look at the sky for any message from God and for any sign of His manifested presence. When I see a sunset, I give thanks that He had set the light for one more day and look forward to the next day, knowing that He will raise the sun again. When I see the moon and stars at night, I am assured that even when darkness falls, God is still there, like the sun, although hidden in another form, watching over me and protecting me. My all-time favourite is chasing rainbows!

I started to consciously chase rainbows after 8 September 2004. Here’s an account of what happened that morning.

I woke up early, had my cup of milo and contemplated whether to go to Kitchen Okada (they make the freshest and most delicious bread in this town and I’m lucky to be within walking distance away from them) on my way to the train station. At the junction where I should cross to Kitchen Okada, I hesitated, and ‘felt a push’ to just walk on to the station that’s just around the corner and be early for the train (it’s a local electric train service and there is only one train service that I can take each morning to be on time for work). As I turned the corner, I immediately knew that I had made the right decision! There, in the sky, was a rainbow!!! It really made my day! The air seemed so much fresher at that moment and I stood there for a few minutes to marvel at the rainbow. I was glad that I was early and had those extra minutes to linger and relish its beauty. I would have missed the rainbow if I had gone to Kitchen Okada, or if I had been in a hurry to catch the train.

Although I don’t have a photo of that rainbow to post here, it is etched deeply in my memory and it holds much significance in my heart. Before that morning in 2004, I had thought that rainbows were rare sightings. But since I started to consciously look out for them, I had been rewarded with many pleasant sightings: an end of a rainbow right outside my window, full rainbows, double rainbows, and “rainbow” clouds!

Yet not everyone sees a rainbow after a rainfall. Why?
1. They may not be looking.
2. They may not be looking at the right time.
3. They may be looking at the wrong place.
4. There was no rainbow.

I’ve learnt deep lessons from successful rainbow chasing…
1. Always seek, always look, and I’ll find a rainbow!
2. Be patient and wait for God’s timing which is always perfect. If I had missed the rainbow after today’s rain, I’ll wait for the next rain.
3. I know where to look for a rainbow as I’ve been practising at it. Keep practising to seek God’s face, and to hear His voice. Practise makes perfect.
4. I carry memories of the past rainbows I had seen until the next one I see, as I know God’s promises last forever.

Denali National Park, Alaska, 2007

Whenever I see a rainbow, I remember His promise in Genesis 9

12 And God said, This is the sign of the covenant I am making between me and you and every living creature with you, a covenant for all generations to come:
13 I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.

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